Unfamiliar Ground

Unfamiliar Ground is now closed but you can read about the exhibition themes and artists here.

New worlds in contemporary printmaking

Curated by Martyn Lucas

May – September 2014

Get ready to take your imagination on a journey through uncharted territory

Unfamiliar Ground brings together the work of three of the UK’s most exciting contemporary printmakers. Rather than describing the familiar, the artists featured in Unfamiliar Ground create pictorial worlds that invite our imaginations to wander. In these worlds, city and nature collide, visual disruptions make us look twice, and the boundaries of traditional printmaking techniques are challenged again and again. A sense of utopia and dystopia is glimpsed through combinations of complex imagery, skilled drawing and a playfulness with the print process. Unfamiliar Ground draws us in, opens our eyes to the unseen and provokes us to look at the world in a new way.

When and where

7 May – 14 June 2014 Abbey Walk Gallery, Grimsby 19 June – 29 July 2014 Accrington Library  – Lancashire County Council 4 August – 29 August 2014 Woodend, Scarborough 5 September – 28 September 2014 Higherford Mill, Barrowford Please check individual venue opening times; some venues are closed on additional days due to other activities.


Chris Agnew builds worlds of contrast and paradox. This is reflected in his method of combining beautifully detailed drawing and painting with his signature technique of etching on icon panels. This gives his art the feel of a previous time, which is then disrupted by brightly coloured geometric structures. His multi-layered, visually enticing images draw us in to his worlds.  www.chrisagnew.co.uk Rebecca King explores the energy, chaos and visual contrasts of cities as they continue to evolve around the globe. Informed by her childhood memories of Nigeria, she creates colourful and impossibly dense urban landscapes, alive with the possibility of the human spirit. Her prints combine richly collaged digital images with colourful geometric shapes which she then marks with laser-cuts.  www.rebeccakingart.com Bronwen Sleigh takes inspiration from industrial architecture in the unused and forgotten urban spaces at the edge of the city. The crisp, sharp lines of these vast engineered structures contrast with their weathered surfaces, which are reflected in the pitted, scratched etching surface. There is a restrained beauty to her prints, all of which reveal her finely-honed drawing skills.  www.bronwensleigh.co.uk


Martyn Lucas has over twenty years experience as an artist, curator and educator. Central to Martyn’s ethos and practice is the enrichment of people’s lives through an encounter with the visual arts – nurturing the conversation between art, artists and audience. www.martynlucas.net