Truth and Fantasy – Contemporary Artists Drawing

Dennis - Creffield - Improvisation-on-the-Life-Cast-of-William-Blake-2008-Courtesy - James-Hyman-Gallery

Dennis – Creffield – Improvisation on the Life-Cast of William Blake 2008

Our latest exhibition is currently at North Bridlington Library- you can catch it there until Saturday 2 June, with news here of free drawing activity with exhibition artist Penny Davenport  on Friday 1 June. Truth and Fantasy then moves to Chorley Library, open from Saturday 9 June. 

Truth and Fantasy brings together artists from across the UK who draw in highly skilled and imaginative ways, from pencil on paper to objects and animation. Their art responds to the real, and at the same time, reveals a spirit of enquiry and imagination, an uncovering of memories and the unconscious, where other worlds become visible.

Penny Davenport obsessively makes drawings which emerge from her subconscious. With no pre-planned outcome, her characters emerge from ink lines on paper – sometimes tender and beautiful, other times awkward or uncomfortable.

Simon Woolham uses drawing as a way of uncovering hidden stories. He often collaborates with people through activities such as walking a neighbourhood to recount childhood experiences. Drawing a school playing field or back garden becomes the starting point for memories.

Hondartza Fraga explores our relationship with the world around us. Her drawing, photography, animation and video are like traces of an investigation into the truth of an epic idea, an intuition or a strong emotion.

Paul Chiappe responds to ‘found’ images. Removed from their original context, but made with painstaking accuracy, the drawings have a haunting presence. They compel us to look, to wonder and consider the lives of strangers.

Dennis Creffield is one of the most respected figurative artists in Britain, known particularly for his expressive charcoal drawings – of urban landscape, English Cathedrals and more recently works of Jerusalem and William Blake.