Unfamiliar Ground & Pendle Print Fest

Baker Street - Bronwen Sleigh

Baker Street- Bronwen Sleigh

Unfamiliar Ground is currently showing at Higherford Mill, in parallel with the Pendle Print Fest.  Printmaker Anita Burrows, who’s organised the Print Fest , also supported by Arts Council England, updates us on how the Festival is going:

“Saturday 6th September brought visitors to Higherford Mill for the Symposium around safer methods for making prints. From my point of view it was wonderful to see the space at Higherford Mill, where my studio is based, being used to promote printmaking with an active exhibition and space for demonstrations; as well as a large screen for digital presentations. The day was full with six speakers (including Unfamiliar Ground artist Bronwen Sleigh),  two demonstrators and traditional Lancashire lunch of pie & peas at Pendle Heritage Centre. It felt great to welcome speakers with a wide range of knowledge and experience in printmaking. Printmakers had researched the area of acrylic etching techniques in great depth.

The two exhibitions which are part of the festival are proving to be of interest and I have spoken to folks who are enjoying seeing the former gallery at the Heritage Centre being used as a space for showing art work. The trail along the river is proving popular with families as the photos reveal. The thrill of seeing your print for the first time is what makes printing so exciting and absorbing for me!”

For more details about the Festival see www.pendleprintfest.org and visit our Events page for more information on making your own prints on the Print Trail.