Meet Make it Slow artists Lizzie Farey and Misun Won

Our friends at Craft Scotland have produced two illuminating short videos about Make it Slow artists Lizzie Farey and Misun Won.

Lizzie Farey is a basket-maker and fibre artist. In this film Craft Scotland visit Lizzie’s studio in Kirkcudbright as well as her nearby willow field. Lizzie talks compellingly about her work, processes, and the connection between craft, nature, and meaning.

Edinburgh-based jeweller Misun Won talks to Craft Scotland about her fascination with Korean patchwork techniques and how this influences her work. Misun also comments on the meditative process of making the geometric shapes of her jewellery completely by hand.

Come and see Lizzie and Misun’s work for yourself at Make it Slow. For really big fans, there will be a chance to buy selected pieces of their work.