Look what we made in Skipton!

Jim Bond’s I See You has been following visitors around Marvellous Mechanicals and he kicked off the summer in Skipton with his Chain Reaction workshop. Collectively participants made a moving sculpture: using materials including wood, tape and toilet roll middles, participants had to problem solve their way to a chain reaction – part marble run, part giant dominoes, part demolition derby! Jim also worked with another group of budding artists to make anenometers- sculptures that capture the wind and measure its speed. Bringing science and art together his workshops were an absorbing way to learn new skills and make new friends.

Nik Ramage  is based in Wales, and the exhibition includes his surreal Fingers drumming quietly.

He led a workshop group to make individual wire profile heads with a jaw that ‘talks’ with the pull of a string. Using projectors the workshop finished with a shadow show of the chattering silhouettes. Like Jim’s workshops, Nik used everyday materials and equipment including pliers,  garden wire and lollipop sticks- proving you just need a bit of imagination to make something marvellous.


There will be more family-friendly workshops at Catterick Library in October Half Term… check out our Facebook page for more details soon!