Hard Wired

Medusa by Jenny McCarthy

Medusa by Jenny McCarthy

Hard Wired is an exhibition about technology and artists’ responses to it: How artists use technology in their artwork, the impact it has on their life, how they understand it and how they are able to access it. The artists’ creativity prompts us to think about our own relationship to technology, reflecting on its impact on all of our lives.

The exhibition showcases work by artists from a range of different backgrounds and at different stages in their careers. All of the artists approach the theme in a unique way, providing new perspectives and insight into how artists engage with, adapt and use technology.

For this exhibition we are working in partnership with the award-winning charity Outside In.

Hard Wired will be touring four different libraries from Saturday 8 June to Saturday 16 November, 2019.


North Bridlington Library 8 June–13 July 2019

Catterick Library 20 July–31 August 2019

Whitby Library 7 September–2 October 2019

Chorley Library 12 October–16 November 2019



About Outside In

Outside In works to create a fairer and more inclusive art world. They provide a platform for artists who face barriers to the art world. Barriers like health, disability, isolation or social circumstance. They share our ambition to support artists reaching new audiences with their work.