Chris Keenan heads to Japan

Harrogate-20140708-01452 (788x800)

Chris Keenan at No 6 Gallery, Pateley Bridge

Make it Slow artist Chris Keenan is heading to Japan for a trip of a lifetime! Recognising his skill and prominence in ceramics, he’s been offered a fantastic opportunity to develop new ideas using different materials to his usual porcelain. He’s on his way this week but before he went he told us:

“The residency is for a period of six weeks at the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art – Mashiko is a village a few hours north east of Tokyo and is where Shoji Hamada established his pottery and his descendants are still working there. There are many, many small potteries. I will  have a studio, an assistant and living space next door. I have been invited to take up the residency by the Board at the Museum and am the first person to be there for longer than a couple of weeks – Philip Leach went for two weeks earlier this year. I’ll be using local clays (stoneware) and glazes and am free to do whatever I want – the freedom! It will be an amazing opportunity and I hope to take a few trips around the country if possible, as well as talks, workshops and visiting some local schools.”